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Canker Sores
Richmond, VA

Close up of person touching jaw area with sore spot glowing red from Richmond VA Dental Arts in Richmond, VAA canker sore or apthous ulcer are painful areas on the inside of your mouth and gums. They don’t have to be very big to hurt a whole lot! An ulcer is the loss of the top skin that is missing due to trauma-like biting the inside of your cheek. Diet, stress, hormones can also play a role in getting these. Sometimes, there is no reason why you may get them.

Since there are several reasons why you may get these painful sores, there are several ways to help minimize the pain.

Avoid alcohol, tobacco products, spicy and acidic foods during flare ups. Topical aloe vera may help soothe any soreness. Multivitamins can help-especially if your diet is poor. Great oral hygiene is very important after each meal. Tumeric oil is high in antioxidants and may help protect the mouth from unwanted ulcers.

Dr. Faryl Hart has a variety of different technology, including a soft tissue laser that she calls her “magic wand”. By just waving the wand over the ulcer - she does NOT even touch the ulcer - she can help the healing process. This due to a virus thought to cause apthous ulcers and by using the laser she can decrease the frequency and intensity of your ulcers.

Prescription medications can also be written to help during the most painful time of these ulcers. These topical medications that are applied to the sore areas. They do not help the areas heal; they just help the areas feel better.

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Canker Sores Richmond, VA • Richmond Dental Arts
A canker sore or apthous ulcer are painful areas on the inside of your mouth and gums. To learn more, schedule an appointment with Richmond Dental Arts today!
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